Covered Benefits in a Travel Insurance

A travel insurance provides you protection in case of many emergencies and unfortunate events when you are traveling abroad. This is the reason that many countries now-a-days require that you must carry a travel insurance with you. In case of any medical emergency, the cost of hospital or medical expenses may can be extremely expensive. Therefore, it is recommended to get a cheap travel insurance before you travel even if it is not mandatory requirement of the destination country.

The benefits mentioned below are found in most travel insurance plans. The benefits vary depending plan to plan and some travel insurance plans may not cover all benefits. Please ask for complete product brochure from our customer support to find out benefits & coverage specific to your plan.


Medical Emergencies

In case of any unfortunate medical emergency or hospitalization, a travel insurance provides you coverage for your medical bills. The amount covered is specific to your purchased insurance plan.


Flight Delays

A flight delay may cause a series of disruptions and financial losses, for example missed onward flights, hotel bookings, tours, events and more. Your travel insurnace provides you certain cash benefits in case of flight delays.


Lost Baggage

Most travel insurance plans provide cash benefits in case of loss of your checked-in baggage. On an average 10 to 15 percent checked-in baggage is lost or mishandled by the airlines. A good travel insurance provides you compensation when you buy essential items for your stay at destination country if your baggage is lost or delayed by the airline. 


Passport Loss

It becomes very inconvenient in case of a lost passport during an international travels. In such scenarios, getting in touch with local embassy and paying emergency passport fees may incur heavy financiail burden. Most travel insurance plans provide cash compensation for passport loss.


Other Benefits

Your travel insurance may come with lots of features and benefits which are not limited to benefits mentioned above. A travel insurance plan may come with one of following additional benefit

  • Emergency dental care
  • Any unfortunate accidental death or disability
  • Baggage delay
  • Credit card loss
  • Trip cancellation *


For more information, benefits and details, please feel free to contact Customer Support.

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