Travel Insurance Rates to USA, Canada & Australia

Travel insurance rates from Pakistan to USA, Canada and Australia are specially designed for relevant destinations. If you book a travel insurance to this region, you also become eligible for worldwide travel coverage. These rates are slightly different from standard Worldwide travel insurance.

Following are the lowest travel insurance rates for this category.

Company Validity Company Price Our Discount Net Price
Adamjee Insurance7 DaysPKR 675PKR 60 (9%)PKR 615Book This
Adamjee Insurance10 DaysPKR 800PKR 72 (9%)PKR 728Book This
Adamjee Insurance2 WeeksPKR 1,150PKR 103 (9%)PKR 1,047Book This
Adamjee Insurance3 WeeksPKR 1,550PKR 139 (9%)PKR 1,411Book This
Adamjee Insurance1 MonthPKR 1,950PKR 175 (9%)PKR 1,775Book This
UBL Insurers2 MonthsPKR 3,650PKR 328 (9%)PKR 3,322Book This
Adamjee Insurance3 MonthsPKR 5,200PKR 468 (9%)PKR 4,732Book This
Adamjee Insurance6 MonthsPKR 10,100PKR 909 (9%)PKR 9,191Book This
Adamjee Insurance1 YearPKR 9,000PKR 810 (9%)PKR 8,190Book This

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