Worldwide Travel Insurance Rates *

These rates are applicable for travel insurance booking from Pakistan to all countries (except United States, Canada, Australia & Schengen Countries). You can see rates for USA, Canada & Australia Travel Insurance and Schengen Travel Insurance. These travel insurance rates can be applied to more than 210 countries worldwide.

Following are the lowest travel insurance rates for this category.

Company Validity Company Price Our Discount Net Price
UBL Insurers7 DaysPKR 550PKR 60 (11%)PKR 490Book This
Adamjee Insurance10 DaysPKR 800PKR 88 (11%)PKR 712Book This
UBL Insurers2 WeeksPKR 950PKR 104 (11%)PKR 846Book This
UBL Insurers3 WeeksPKR 1,500PKR 165 (11%)PKR 1,335Book This
Habib Insurance1 MonthPKR 1,700PKR 187 (11%)PKR 1,513Book This
Habib Insurance2 MonthsPKR 2,500PKR 275 (11%)PKR 2,225Book This
UBL Insurers3 MonthsPKR 4,100PKR 451 (11%)PKR 3,649Book This
Habib Insurance6 MonthsPKR 7,000PKR 770 (11%)PKR 6,230Book This
Adamjee Insurance1 YearPKR 9,000PKR 990 (11%)PKR 8,010Book This

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